Friday, November 24, 2006

Today is a critical point in this experiment. I have put hours into trying to master adsense without much luck. The article I read the other day, sparked my interest once again. But, if I were to try to follow that model, then without a doubt, it will need to run much longer than 67 days to say the least. I haven't tracked the hours that I put into this but to say the least this is a great learning experiment. I have read countless tips, and ebooks on the topic, and all have promised that if I followed their plan, step by step I would make a signifigant profit. My results, not so spectacular, I have been frustrated at times. So, do I read more, or do I spend more time tweaking. I have read many books, looked at some scripts to even quicken the pace of progress. I aquired one of those adsense sites that are free, provided you pay for the hosting, to see what the end result would be. I have tried to take many adsense shortcuts, but as in life, it seems the school of hard knocks is where I have to get my education. Read, read and read again. My empire so to speak will be built one web page at a time, thereby ensuring quality, and in the end I will have no one to blame but myself. I visited ebay the other day, and to my amazement there were programs there that I found on other sights being flogged for $20 - $200 for a measly $1.00 or even less. Will wonders never cease. I think I spent less than 1% of my budget, and purchased all kinds of goodies, more ebooks to read, more articles than you could imagine, more guru's sure fire methods to make my fortune. I know one thing, if I ever need some sort of software or script, thats where I will be looking in the future. Only one small problem. I am not an html master, making some of these so called simple installations, and php server scripts nothing more than gobblygook. I may have to turn to my 14 year old and see if he has yet mastered this. If not, I'm sure it would take him a matter of minutes to figure this out.

Making money online, which was so easily described in most of the ebooks as something you can do part-time in a matter of a few hours a week can easily be a 50 hour a week job, with little or no pay. I hope I am nearing the top of the learning curve, and that in a short time, the pennies I am managing to get will be turned into dimes, and dimes, into quarters. I'm not giving up yet, just digging in.

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