Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pennies still trickling in but where are the nickels?

I now have 3 blogs that I am trying to keep up and running. Finding information or ideas for material is the easy part, as my wife to be says, I never stop thinking. My mind goes like the energizer bunny, the crux of the situation is finding the time to write the articles and post them.

This blog, not being very active over the last little while, is still chugging along generating pennies of income, no matter the level of neglect. So my question is where are the nickels? If I can almost totally neglect this blog, and still have it producing some income, how or what do I have to do to take it to the next level? This surely proves that at some level, even though it is so minuscule, passive income can be made in small amounts, but can it be converted to much larger amounts?

I have changed the layout somewhat, changing how the articles are archived, not by date, but by topic, and I have added some extra advertising on the site to see if I can monetize it even more. I know there is a learning curve to all this. So in the mean time, its back to more reading, and learning, and digging for nickels.

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