Friday, July 06, 2007

I have had a busy few weeks, the last little while. I have been working my way around the internet trying to absorb information like a sponge. I started this experiment way back when, and had little to no success. I looked at what I was missing. Traffic! You can't make money running adsense ads if no one is reading them. I joined many sites like technorati, to try to get readers to my page. Starting from scratch there was little luck. Even now that this blog is 8 months old, I am getting more traffic now, then when I first started.

So, how do you get traffic? And how do you get it for little or no money? Traffic exchanges. It's a very simple concept. You become a member, and spend your time clicking on pages, and viewing them for a period of time. Once that time has passed, you get credit for viewing the page. Credits begin to accumulate at various rates for various exchanges. These credits, can then be converted to text ads, banner ads, or full web pages. What ever you have to sell, from your own product, to affiliate programs it can be done via these traffic exchanges.

Over the last few weeks, I have been testing which ones, actually bring me traffic, and which ones don't waste much of my time accumulating my credits. These are the ones I recommend.

1) Traffic Swarm : Great way to increase traffic, some great contests and opportunities to score extra credits.

2)Money and Hits: Easy to use, extra credits available, generates good traffic.

3) Roadrunner Surf : I have one hundreds of bonus credits and banner impressions on this site, with a little effort. In 2 weeks, I had 1 thousand hits to my site.

The last site I am going to recommend is Autohitsnow, it is unique it rotates your websites in other traffic exchanges as well as the one on this site. It also allows you to earn many bonus credits, the longer your surf. In 2 days, I had over 3000 credits. This site will also allow you to generate cash for your credits, and has other opportunites to get cash for clicks. Overall this is the more flexible of all the traffic exchanges I have been using. Although, they are each driving traffic to my site. More traffic = more money!

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