Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 1

Maybe I should begin with who I am and what I am doing. I am 39 and holding and unemployed. I have a backround in business administration and marketing management. I also have a wonderful fiance whom I love dearly, and who loves me unconditionally even through some of my hair-brained ideas. More about that later. I have a 14 year old son, (soon to be 14 that is) and have grown extremely close to my fiance's two kids, both teenagers ( girl 13, and boy 16). Needless to say with 5 of us in the house, and raging hormones, it can get a little excited at times.

I have relocated to be with my fiance and her kids, so we can all live under one roof, shaking my head at times -with 6 computers, 6 tv's some or all going all at the same time it can be a little much.

Back to my hair-brained ideas. We have all heard about internet guru's that make thousands of dollars online by selling anything and everything. Ebay guru's , internet marketing guru's, you name it there must be someone online claiming to be a guru of somekind, making more money in a month than I have made all last year. So, talking to my soon to be missus, I said, if these people can do it....why can't I? Wait did you hear it? For those of you without a significant other, that sound was the sound of someone rolling their eyes. She smiled in her most loving smile, and said "How long is it gonna take you?" I honestly had no idea how to answer her. I thought, just how long does it take to make money online? Suddenly, "67 days" was what I answered. Why 67 days? I wasn't too sure why 67 days, but it sounded good at the time. It just also happens to be 67 days till the end of the year. Or the year that I was born, or whatever answer seems to be appropriate. Whew!

So, where to start on my experiment or way to financial freedom? Good question. Seems I should have thought a little more about it before opening my mouth on this one. Today, I will make the day of research. I will let my ever faithful google run amok on the internet, see what kind of schemes or scams I might find, and see if anyone out there is making an honest day's living on the internet. Of course, I must make the rounds of all the jobsites to see if there are any job prospects waiting for me, be available as a parent, be a bestfriend, and fiance. Sometimes it makes for a very busy day...and I wouldn't change it for anything.

There is the premise for this blog. 67 days to generate income online without breaking the bank doing it. I'm setting a $500.00 limit, but I would prefer keeping as much as that as possible. Am I doing this to be rich? No, I'm doing it to provide for my family. I am already rich in every sense of the word. I love you guys, you know who you are.

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Jules said...

Hi Don~ just go to and read up. They pay you to blog about different advertisers.