Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 2

Well its well after 1 pm in the afternoon. It's one of those days, that no matter how well you plan to make time, everything else becomes a priority. It should have been a simple day. We all get up at 6:30 am, and are out the door by 7:10. After everyone gets dropped off, I have exactly 1.5 hours to do what I need to do. Simple enough. Well, not today. Internet was down most of the morning...Dishes, errands, and a quick trip to the hospital for some tests on one of the kids. I had time to get some resumes and cover letters done for the job fair tomorrow. (I know its a good thing, but it will take me away from my experiment for most of the day.) So, before I knew it the morning slipped away, and it was lunchtime.

Now back on track. I spent most of the day after my first post, trying to find out what makes a blog successful, how to draw traffic to the blog, making links, and reading tons of other blogs to try to get some idea about the extent of work that I might have to put into this. I say it that way, because like most people they follow the simple quote " If you build it they will come." Well according to some of the blogs I stumbled upon, there are many ways to drive traffic to your site, but just posting it...just doesn't cut it.

After countless hours, of reading and commenting on other blogs, (seems that this will help with increasing exposure to your blog) I stumbled upon PaulStamatiou.com article on how to boost your traffic to your site. Very informative. After reading this I ended up joining Technorati. If you don't know what this site is or does...its very simple.
Technorati is the recognized authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs. They help people search for, surface, and organize bloggers and their daily posts. Simply put its a place where you can find some great blogs to link to, or comment on, to help drive traffic to your site. If they notice you they just might link back to your site, and before long, traffic should follow. My rank today - 1,690,830.

So, next on my list. I went back to some of those internet marketing guru's to see if there was any consensus on how to cash in. It seems it's all about passive income. How can I make money without being active in producing it. I want to figure out a way to make money 24 hours of every day. You have heard the saying before..."Set it.... and forget it". I may even try to develop 3 or more independent streams of income, you know the old adage; "don't put all your egg's in one basket".

Affiliate programs seem to be the way to go. No product, little or no money down, no merchant accounts or angry customers to deal with. Just grab a product link and advertise the hell out of it. My searches lead me to Clickbank. Clickbank is simple, fast, and free to setup. They have over 10,000 products to promote, with some commissions as high as 75% of the purchase price. So now that I have signed up, I have to spend sometime deciding what product(s) I should focus my efforts on. It's just as easy promoting a product and make $5.00 a sale as it is making $25.00 a sale, and you have to sell less of them. Just a quick look at the site PaidSurveysonline.com is offering $21.77 for sending people who enroll in their program. Get paid to take survey's online. Simple enough for anyone who has access to a computer, and wants to make some extra spending money at home, or who is a stay at home mom.

I'm going to spend some more time today taking a look at some of their programs, and see if there are any other ways that I can take advantage of this affiliate program. Any ideas would be grateful.

I am also going to look at some blog scripts, or some quick lessons, just so I can tinker with the way things look.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have setup an Google Adsense account. They place a targeted (the ads are based on the content of your site or blog) advertisement or group of advertisements on your blog. If anyone visits your site, and clicks on one of the ads, bingo! Another few more cents of passive income. It all adds up. (no pun intended)

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