Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 10

Adsense, google says you can make money. Well, after 1 full day using my advertising program I made a whole $7.09. Not bad for one day right? Multiply that by 30 days and you get $212.70. That total sounds great, I just need 10 other websites to generate that kind of income. One catch. To make that kind of money, I spent $7.90. So, for the month at that pace I would lose a grand total of $237.00 for a net loss of $24.30. What have I learned? It's possible to make money online. Now, I just have 57 more days to turn this loss into a positive. Is it tweaking, or better priced keywords? Not sure. I expect to analyze which key words are generating the traffic, and the cost for each click. I don't want to go for only one days results. I want to get a full week of data in to give me a better idea. I get this is the school of cold hard cash. I just hope my cash doesn't run out before I figure this out.

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Anthony said...

Hi Don,

I like your blog, good concept. One way people turn a profit when flipping traffic like this is to buy traffic for Keyword A, when the page is optimized for Keyword B.

The idea is that Keyword B will still appeal to your visitors, so you would pick two related keywords, where Keyword A costs less to bid on.

So for your site, you might bid on the phrase "getting online" or "how to make a website", if these are low priced. Since buying a domain name is integral to getting online, the ads should appeal to your low-cost traffic.

Cheers, and best of luck!