Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 11

Adsense. What is so heavily marketed, as a way for webreprenuers, as one of the end all and be alls of making money. I made a whole $.30 cents today. Spending almost $4.78 to generate that income. It's not that I haven't done my research. Domain registration was the main keyword I used. I went to google adwords, and determined that that keyword could generate as much as $18.00 plus dollars a click. So, my question is this, if this keyword is being bid on google for such a high price, then why wouldn't a keyword rich page generate that kind of income per click. My site is generating about $.08 cents a click for this keyword. What gives? What is the secret of getting the high paying clicks to your site? My ad campaign has generated over 140 clicks to my site in 2 days. The traffic is there, the ad clearly draws traffic to the site, it's just a matter of finding the secret to the higher paying keywords. This is still making me scratch my head. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Re. your comments on $18 keywords only paying you $0.08. You may have already discovered this from setting up your AdWords campaign, but if not...

For some time now, Google have allowed AdWords users to setup two bids for their keywords - one for when their ads are displayed on the search network (e.g. Google results pages) and a different bid for when they are displayed on the content network (i.e. Adsense). Almost all publishers either don't display at all on content or bid much, much, much lower. The reason for this is that traffic gained from content pages is never as likely to convert as traffic gained from search results. Hope this helps, Roe.