Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 15

I ran a "adwords" type campaign to see just what kind of traffic I could generate and how much ad revenue I could generate. The final tally is in. $25.00 in key words netted me a grand total of $7.64. Definately not the get rich quick type scheme that everyone is hyping on the internet. On the bright side though, I did generate a fair bit of traffic for the $25.00 I spent. I set a $5.00 daily limit on a total of 9 selected keywords. I bid no more than 15 cents on any keyword with the average price of about 9 cents a keyword. Very cheap traffic. Now, from this its evident that traffic can be bought. The hardest part seems to be converting the traffic into $$$. I guess this is the question that everyone is asking. I'm looking at the "adwords" on google. Some bids for the words that I used were upwards of $15.00. Now how did my clicks generate so little income? I'm not sure, I'm still scratching my head. I know that I am sounding a little bitter, since the internet guru's are promising a cornocopia of cash just waiting to be harvested. Like the thanksgiving reference? Anyways, if this trend doesn't turn around my budget of $500.00 will soon be gone. So, the other option is trying to develop more qualifying advertisements, or try to niche market using not so expensive keywords. How much traffic would I have lost, if I cut out my most expensive keyword(s) - 126 clicks or $16.29. Now, just to make things even clearer I made sure that I was never in first place with any bid. I settled on 2nd or 3rd position to try to generate high traffic with less cost. I relied on the draw of my ad to drive the traffic to my site in hopes of converting the visitors. It clearly worked too. The traffic was there. But, the question is this, could I have extended my campaign if I didn't use such an expensive keyword to frame in the ad? That's a challenge for next week. Out of the 9 keywords I selected, only 6 had generated any traffic. and 2 of them only drew 1 vistor each.

I intend on trying 2 different ads to see which one pulls more traffic. 1 will have more expensive keywords, while the other will use the less known complimentary keywords. So I have my work cut out for me. Test, test test. Now if this job wasn't just taking up all my time, maybe, just maybe I could figure out how to get this moneypress known as the internet up and running full tilt.

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