Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 26

Life can be too busy. Family life, with 3 teenagers, and a job that I am working nights, isn't a great combination when your trying to develop income streams online. Yesterday, it was flu shot day, errands, laundry, and of course teenage angst. Too much drama. Today, I have an hour to try to get this blog updated, update and optimize some of my webpages, and attempt to get 2 campaigns up and running. Well I will settle for the blog and one set of my pages optimized. It's difficult to type right now, I have a green cheeked conure that is chasing my fingers while I am typing away on my laptop. 3 letters forward, 10 letters back. So much fun.

Anyways, I have spending a few hours after work each night trying to unwind by reading and learning. It seems there is a lot more too adwords, ebook upon ebook each professing they are the end all of google adwords mastery. I have found a piece of software that just might help. I am sure that a lot of you have already heard about it, some of you might be using it. It's called keyword elite.
Does this program live up to all the hype? This program will not only help you generate high paying keywords, but help you create targeted adsense webpages. To me that is a bonus all in itself. It would be something that I could control, instead of being at the mercy of what someone else developed like my last project. Read the sales page, and see if you are moved as much as I am about the potential for it. I am making a measly .20 cents or so a day with my adsense campaigns. I would love to be able to do 1000 times that, so I could be in control of my life once again. I see a lot of the hype, with the guru's all showing us how much they are pulling in money wise, but I guess the real question is ...just how much are they spending to accomplish this? Food for thought.

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