Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 22

So I'm almost a third of the way through this little experiment. Grand total made to date $7.64 on 1447 impressions and 24 actual click throughs for a whopping 1.67%. Total cost to date $36.98. Doesn't seem all too profitable. With numbers like this it is difficult to say the least to convince all the naysayers out there (can be read fiance) there there is money to be made online. I've hit the proverbial brickwall, but with more reading and more knowledge, I am hoping to bust through that wall sooner than later. Much more reading and tweaking to be done, and in all fairness, I haven't had any campaigns running, only parked pages, and the blog being active. I am in the process of a ramp up to get something going this weekend, as per last post.

I also mentioned that I have a site that was content rich, and completely turn key for adsense. Well the old adage that says you get what you pay for....stands the test of time. I mentioned all the error, grammatical, and spelling. There is A LOT and I can't stress that enough, of information missing on these sites. There is no meta data, there are no keywords on most of the pages. Search engines will most likely laugh and run away. Not good. Back to the drawing board on this one. Just be advised, free doesn't always equate with good. It's a waste of time, and energy from what I can see.

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