Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In an earlier post, I mentioned www.67days.com website. It is a content and keyword rich that once indexed by the search engines, would produce adsense clicks. Firstly it was free, and was set up by a company for me as long as I purchased hosting from them. ( 10 bucks a month, no big deal. I now have the files stored locally on my computer and I can upload them to a much cheaper server at a later date.) There are thousands of pages in the site. I figured out a few things very quickly. Firstly, there are TONS of spelling mistakes on the pages they set up. They are very cookie cutterish, (is that a word?), anyways, I spent the better part of last night after my shift to produce new banners for each of the pages. I need my pages to stand out more than the thousands of people that will end up doing the same. I figure if I found them, others won't be too far behind. Am I going to invest the time in correcting each and every page. Likely not, I have slave labor.. errr I mean teenagers to do that for me. What I will do is find all the index pages and see if there are meta tags and keywords for the main pages. If they are keyword rich, then it shouldn't be too hard (fingers crossed) to get that complete. That should give me an edge over all the others. So I hope.

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