Friday, December 01, 2006

Day 38

The Adsense formula

C+T+C = Adsense Cash

Let’s break that formula down a bit more. Or what do we know we need to succeed with adsense.

Content – We all know that we need to build pages with great content, but there is a key to this, well actually its “keywords” If we build our content around high paying topics topics we have the opportunity to increase our effective CPM. What is your effective CPM? Effective CPM is a measure of your average earnings, per thousand clicks. You can find this number when you log into your adsense account in the reports section.You can increase your Effective CPM by selecting topics that attract high bids from Adsense advertisers, and building pages and whole websites on higher paying topics.

Although Google doesn't release information on Adsense bids, there are ways around it. You can get a reasonable idea of the top paying topics by looking at information on Adwords bids, or, for that matter, bids on pay-per-click search engines. There are a number of keyword research tools available, both free and paid, that can help you find high paying topics.

Traffic – Why is traffic so important? Well besides the obvious answer, with no traffic, you won’t earn any money, but we also need to know how many impressions our site/blog is receiving. Impressions are the number of times your pages with Adsense ads have been viewed. You can increase the impressions by increasing traffic (preferably targeted traffic) to your web pages. How can we increase the impressions on our blog? We can submit our site to more search engines. We can create more links, primarily links from other sites/blogs. We can buy those links, trade those links with others, or solicit links from other sites. I make sure I read many blogs a day, and leave my url in the comments in hopes of generating extra links to my blog. I can’t forget a very popular option when it comes to linking. You can create relevant articles complimenting the topic of your site or blog and submit them to article sites. Make sure that at the end of the article you include your name, and website. With everyone looking for keyword rich content, your articles will be placed on many sites. Of course with no cost to you. There is another method of increasing impressions. You can buy traffic with pay per click search engines. There is one caveat though. Make sure that you spend less on your keyword advertising than what you could possibly earn. It sound silly to mention that point, but keyword bidding can be a very expensive if not done properly.

Clickthroughs – The most important aspect, because clickthroughs mean cash.
Clickthroughs are the percentage of viewers who click on your Adsense ads. You can increase Clickthroughs by increasing the relevance of Adsense ads on your site, and by tweaking the format and placing of your ads. See the previous article concerning adsense placement.

Although you can't dictate which Adsense ads show on your site, you can
influence the relevance of the ads by maintaining a tightly focused blog. If every page on your site focuses tightly on a few select topics, it’s more likely that the Adsense ads will too. For example, if every page of your site is about affiliate marketing, and the words 'affiliate marketing' appears several times on every page, it’s likely that the ads will relate to affiliate marketing.

The best way to tweak your ad format and placement is view the previous blog entry. Many articles have been written and conclude that the best format is the large rectangle, with background and border the same color as the page behind it, so that the ad blends into the page. The best placement is towards the center or top left of the first screen of the page. Try these suggestions first, and then track and test, to be sure of what works best for your pages.

Adsense isn’t a get rich scheme, but done right, paying close attention to the adsense formula, you can easily build a network of pages that can make you money. A little bit of luck helps too. Just rermember lucky always favours the well prepared.

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