Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 40

I have had this beef before. The free adsense site that I signed up for. They offered me hundreds of free keyword rich sites, if I paid monthly hosting fees. Well as I always say free is good. One big problem. The more time I spend investigating the html code, the more problems there are. There are missing links, miss labelled webpages, no keywords in the coding, no meta tags, nothing that would optimize these pages for search engines. The also offer hundreds of dollar of free advertising. All the free advertising they offer is based on the condition of making additional deposits on the accounts. For instance if I were to deposit say $50.00 on the one account( I will not name the pay per search programs because they haven't done anything wrong) Then they would subsidize my account with an additional $25.00. Sounds great, sounds like they are earning some kind of kick back on that, but I can't be sure. All I know, as soon as possible, I am canceling the hosting, and going elsewhere. My parents always remind me that you get what you pay for. I guess they are right. My advice, stay away from these so called free websites, unless you have days of free time to optimizing each page, which works out to about 32,000 pages. It would be a good opportunity if the websites were accurate and complete, but they are not. Do I sound bitter, maybe, but they are getting rich and taking advantage of the little guys trying to make an honest buck. Just think if 1000 of us take them up on their offer, take the free site, and just pay for the hosting each and every month, they are making almost $10,000 each and every month. I'm not prepared to add to their pockets, for an inferior product. Even if it is free.

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