Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day 46

Just over 2/3 of the way through this experiment. I have made a grand total of $10.81. Dismal. I haven't heard I told you so, or anything along those lines. What I have heard is, you are working way to hard on this for the little you are making. I agree, although, I am clearly not ready to give up. I think I need a few days to regroup, and refocus. Time is important, time of year maybe impacting the experiment. Clicks on the sites have dropped off slightly over the last few days. It seems less and less vistors are landing on the website the closer it gets to Christmas. Very understandable, I know this time of year, many thoughts are of family and festivities, and not ways to make money online. I hope that I have been able to tap into that market a little via ebay. I have posted a few items, no interest as of yet, but there are still 3 days left on the auction. Nothing ever seems to happen in these auctions except during the last few hours. If I can make a few extra bucks I would be greatful. It would cover the costs of hosting for some other sites that I am planning on launching in the new year.

Anyone else having the same results on their sites when it comes to traffic?

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