Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 48

There are 5 individuals in my family. They have been watching me bang out these blogs, and researching topics for all the different posts. Every so often, one of them will make their way over to see what I am doing. I explain to them, sometimes one at a time, sometimes as a group, that I am blogging to try to make some extra cash, and at the same time it helps me unwind. Now, I have a family of bloggers. My fiance has 4 blogs. She works with children and has a backround as a child and youth worker. Her blogs have some great parental tips and advice for different age groups. It comes in handy to have an expert in the family.

My son, is a die hard music fan. He always is listening to some kinda tunes, either on his computer, or his cd player or his mp3 player. He goes through batteries like they grow on trees, thank god for rechargable batteries. So I have him focused on what he knows best. Music. He is now focusing his attention on music and writing reviews on the music he listens too.

My step daughter is an avid reader. She can finish off a book in no time flat. I'm impressed on how focused she can be when she is reading. The funny thing is, she is a real smarty mcfarty. She is writing reviews on the books she reads on her blog, but they are also doubling as her book reports. Now that is multi-tasking at its best.

My step son is crazy for movies. He can play six degrees of separation with any two movies, any two actors, or any two themes. The come up at some of the most inoportune moments, but its a natural ability that he is proud of. His blog is going to be about movies, reviews, topics etc. He has been working part-time at the moment, so his blog is still in the works.

Now I have the small task of setting them up with adsense accounts, affiliate links, and getting their blog pages set up so they can sit down at their machines and type away. I think it is a good way for them to express themselves, and their creativity. If they make any money in the process good for them.

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