Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Over.

Sixty-seven days has come and gone. It's the New Year, and time to wrap up this little experiment. The holiday season ate up a lot of my time over the last few weeks. Little has changed over the holidays as far as income produced. I generated almost $11.00 in adsense income. Not the get rich quick as many report. I have had to become a student of adwords, and adsense as well as some of the other pay per click search engines. I have spent countless hours, reading and rereading ebooks, and articles on how to optimize web pages and blogs. I have also spent many hours typing out articles from that research to provide top shelf content.

It has been great fun, and I admit there was a larger learning curve than I expected, and was lead to believe there are many people who claim to have made their fortunes doing adword arbitrage. I could learn how to make that much money if I just drop "the buy it now or the price will only go up tomorrow" cash.

I know some of my mistakes have been critical to the lack of success of my experiment.

Time. I didn't devote enough time to the blog, or to the behind the scenes experiments. When I was launching the keyword campaigns, I didn't spend enough time scouring for the lower cost keywords that would convert into the higher paying keywords that would generate the higher income. Instead of making dollars a click, I was generating pennies. The trick is to multiply the sites to multiply the pennies. Working full-time at a job, then coming home to bang on the keyboard didn't allow me to duplicate the work on a bigger scale. Sometimes just being too tired to attempt to be articulate in any sense of the word.

Money. The old adage, it takes money to make money, even holds true on the Internet. I was very fearful in setting up budgets for my pay per clicks that were more than $5.00 a day. I know that my budget levels needed to be higher than that, if not 10 times higher or more. It can be cost prohibitive, if your borrowing money, and watching it disappear so quickly, and not seeing a significant end result. As past campaigns have proven, the pay per click search engines do provide traffic, it just a matter of ensuring that the keywords are laser target to the sales page. Tricking the visitor, I have learned is by no means cost effective. Offer truth in your ads, and the higher conversion rates should follow. We have all seen those ads that offer more, the ads that are so tempting but disappoint the second they are clicked.

Consistency. Focus. When I originally intended to do this blog, I made a promise to myself that I would try to write an article every day. I would try to read other blogs,make comments, and be an active participant. What ever excuses I can manage to muster up, all ad up to the fact that I didn't produce the kind of results that I wanted to. This is not a set it and forget it experiment, or recipe. This is hands on, and full time, without a doubt.

So, I am going to take what I learned, and try to be more hands on, more active, and see if it is possible to try to make income online.

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